Rhinos at Pairi Daiza, Belgium

While visiting one of Belgium's largest nature reserves I had the opportunity of seeing three young white rhinos there. I spent an hour observing them, they looked so calm and peaceful. True, they are not in their natural habitat but in true fact they are relatively safe there, away from the evil poachers that are slowly rendering the rhino population to the verge of extinction. I have recently written an article which recently featured in The Malta Independent with respect to this and will be posting it shortly. Special thanks go to Zayne Barkas of the Protrack Unit and of course Stephen Calleja for giving my article excellent coverage. I would also like to thank Joe Mifsud on TVAM for giving importance to my article on his TV show. A special thanks to all who have read it. This article was solely to raise awareness to the sad cruelty that is taking place in places like Kruger Park in South Africa and many other Parks throughout Africa. The black rhino is almost extinct. Let us try to each do our little bit to save these creatures from extinction. stef
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